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HostATree Green Hosting

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Go Green With HostATree Green Hosting!

HostATree's Green Hosting initiative is to protect the environment for future generations. HostATree applies a number of global protection practices in our everyday actions.

HostATree Green Hosting isn't just about providing carbon neutral hosting solutions to help the fight against global warming and climate change. It is also about our responsibility, one that we take very seriously, for environment preservation. HostATree is proud to be a Green Host. It is our pleasure to provide you with the highest quality service and support while enhancing the well-being of our planet Earth at the same time.

HostATree has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% renewable green energy to power our data center, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. These energy sources supply HostATree's entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as wind and solar-powered energy.

How do we do it?

We certainly do not have a wind turbine on the roof of our data center! Sure, it would be a neat thing to have, but that is not the case. After an energy audit by an outside provider to calculate our total electrical energy consumption from traditional sources, HostATree purchased "green energy tags" or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of our operation and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid. This effectively cuts down on the carbon dioxide-producing (CO2) energy that we normally would have required from non-green energy sources.

We have actually calculated that, within the scope of one year of our initial purchase of green energy, we have removed roughly 16.4 Metric Tons of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases affecting our environment. That's saving about 4,200 gallons of gasoline from polluting the environment.

By purchasing the green energy certificates, we have completely offset the amount of greenhouse gas production by our current electricity providers with certified wind and solar-power providers in the United States and Canada.

Why go green?

Why go green? Why support green businesses that utilize renewable energy, like HostATree web hosting, to help you in your business and personal endeavors? Because it works! On a very practical level, recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to power a television for six full hours. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to keep a 100-watt bulb lit for four hours. And when a business recycles a single ton of paper, it is able to save over 350 gallons of oil, about 7,000 of water, and enough electricity to run an average home for half-a-year.  You can’t beat that with a fossil fuel.

How do we do it?

The source of our 100% renewable Green Tag energy that ultimately supplies the HostATree servers comes from a multiple of sources, including:

Condon Wind Facility (Gilliam County, OR)
Klondike Wind Facility (Sherman County, OR)
Northwest Solar Co-op (OR, WA)
Summerview Wind Facility (Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada)
White Bluffs/Hanford (White Bluffs, WA)
Washington State School for the Blind (Vancouver, WA)
Tillamook Animal Waste to Energy (Tillamook, OR)

The above facilities replace our energy consumption by supplying the power grid with our equivalent energy requirements of 100% green energy from wind and solar energy providers.

We at HostATree are proud of the fact that our company is making the world a cleaner and healthier place. All of our equipment including servers, data centers, power allotment, and even our office computers and laptops are powered by 100% renewable and environmentally-friendly energy. We intend to continue investing in these alternative energy sources, even with the rapid growth and expansion of our company and related equipment.

Let your visitors know you are hosting green!

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