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Begin Selling Domains Today!

The SuperSite is a complete private-labeled website for your retail business from where your Customers can sign up for various SuperSite Products. The SuperSite allows you to start selling all our Products and Services within minutes of signing up with us.

Even though most of our clients use SuperSite in conjunction with ClientExec which fully completes the automation of client sign ups for hosting. SuperSite will allow you to sell domains, and when used with ClientExec it will allow clients to purchase domains with no assistance or effort on your part. However you dont have to use it with ClientExec. SuperSite offers you to resell many services such hosting, domains, ssl certificates, live chat tools, and much more!

Start selling domains at a base cost of $9.95 a year per domain!

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SuperSite Flash Video Demo

We recommend that you watch this Flash Video that has been constructed. It goes over all aspects of the program and will give much insite on what SuperSite is and how to use it.

Click here for a Flash Demo of the SuperSite »

The SuperSite Is
  • Multi-tier - A separate private-labeled copy of the SuperSite is available to you, your Resellers, their Resellers and so on so that each of you can manage your corresponding retail business.
  • Fully Customizable: You and your Resellers can modify the HTML, CSS and images of the SuperSite using an easy-to-use point-and-click Content Management System, allowing excellent scope for customization.
  • Multi-lingual: All content of the SuperSite is translation-friendly. You and your Resellers can contribute to the SuperSite translation effort.
SuperSite Features
  • A Feature-packed Shopping Cart which allows Customers to purchase ResellerClub Products through you and your Resellers.
  • The Shopping cart also has an intelligent product suggestion tool that automatically identifies potential services that Customers would want to buy based on their current shopping cart contents and prompts customers to make additional purchases, increasing your revenue potential during each shopping process.
  • The SuperSite is geared to give your Customers a continuous shopping experience. Your Customers can jump from any section of the site to any other section - selecting items, viewing details and making decisions - until they finally wish to checkout
  • Over 50+ pages of marketing content and collaterals
  • Integrated Whois server
  • Online point-and-click easy-to-use Content Management System that allows you to change every page and upload your own content, images etc
  • Linked to your private labeled Knowledgebase
  • Contains comprehensive flash and live demos of various Products and Services
  • Intuitive Customer/Product signup forms
  • Integration with the ResellerClub Control panels allowing your Resellers and Customers to switch between the SuperSite and the Control Panels
  • Integration with the API for fetching your Product settings, Pre-configured plans, Pricing and other information required to allow your Customers and Resellers to buy your Products and Services
  • Provides complete Finance and Billing automation - Online invoicing, Payment Collection, Payment Gateway integration, Advance Accounts
Note: You do not have to use the SuperSite to sell our Products and Services. You can build your own website from scratch and replicate the functionality provided by SuperSite. The SuperSite is simply provided to jumpstart your business.


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