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Un-managed Hosting

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Begin Hosting Today!

Starting at $49.95 per Month!

HostAtree is offering unmanaged servers at a great price to help more new Entrepreneurs getting started. You will be allowed one free OS re-install, $25 per installation after the first time. Reboots are free, simply submit a support ticket with the time you wish the server to be rebooted if it is planned. If it is an emergency reboot, then be sure to note in the support ticket to Reboot ASAP and mark ticket as Urgent. This will allow our staff to do as you request, either at a preset time or as soon as possible 24 hours a day everyday of the year.

Feel free to ask support questions as they are happy to assist you where and when reasonable.

All HostAtree servers are Enterprise level Dell rack mounted hardware. All switching is Cisco.

Have a question or a request, ask anytime.

Thank you

Team HostAtree

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General Super Deal 1 Super Deal 2
Dual Core Intel® Xeon® Processor Quad Core Intel® Xeon® Processor
2 GB 4 GB
2 x 73 GB SCSI HDD 2 x 146 GB SAS HDD
CentOS 6 x64 CentOS 6 x64
100Mb/s Port 100Mb/s Port
Included Traffic
500 GB/month 500 GB/month
Hardware RAID
Yes Yes
Hosting Panel
Yes Yes
Dedicated IPv4 Address
Yes Yes
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Order Now
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99.9% Uptime
30 Day Money Back
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